Payroll Services

Payroll is a tedious process.  The cost difference between outsourcing your payroll, versus preparing it yourself is minimal.   To streamline the payroll process, we add a majority of our clients to Quickbooks bookkeeping software.

DS Financial will customize the payroll service based on your needs.  We can integrate with Quickbooks via live processing by logging into your system, or by having you sending us your Quickbooks file.  We can act as an in-house, full service payroll department, or you can process your own payroll, and we will assist with payroll taxes and quarterly reports.

In summary we-

  • Pay Federal and State taxes directly through EFTPS and State electronic filings.
  • Prepare all quarterly reports electronically.
  • Offer all types of payroll functions which include direct deposit, check writing, paystub printing, and live check processing in your Quickbooks program.
  • Prepare quarterly reports that are easy to understand and delivered to you via email or mailed directly.
  • Have a set monthly fee that includes all services related to payroll.
  • Support workman’s compensation, unemployment and various other audits.

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