Bookkeeping & Financial Statements Made Simple

“Cash is King”
We can show you how to save more of it.

Understanding when, where, and how your cash needs are being met is crucial to owning a successful business. If your cash-in exceeds your cash-out, life is good. When cash-out exceeds cash-in, life is not so good.

Proper bookkeeping is an essential part of a Cash Flow Statement. Let us take on the headache of organizing the numbers so you can spend more time generating new business. Once we put the numbers together you can use this to analyze what direction your business is heading.

Our cash management services will

  • Help you develop a cash flow projection that can assist in planning for daily, weekly or monthly cash crunches.
  • Create a historical cash flow projection so that you can see exactly where your cash has gone.
  • Learn ways to maximize your rate of return on any idle cash.